The changing world of fashion

The world of fashion is changing faster than ever with sustainability and a conscious carbon-footprint at the forefront of the leading brands' ethos. And in this new climate where we find ourselves more and more focussed on transparency within our industry, consumers will look to brands to follow through with their sustainable goals.


At Cheekfrills we address customers as part of a greater ecosystem. We want to push people and brands to embrace a more holistic approach starting with our long term impact on society and the world around us. Our sustainable and biodegradable fabric won't save the planet alone but it's a good place to start.

A new model

With the growing intensity the spotlight on climate change, most of us are forced to face the reality of what is happening to our planet and as an industry we must continue to make our stance. We believe a circular model is the only option for the future of fashion. The current wear it once fast fashion system is a broken model that needs to change.

Why we use Tencel

Cheekfrills began its life as the original most comfortable and sustainable knicker and continues its tradition of using sustainable certified Lenzing Tencel Modal fabric, made from beechwood trees and enhancing its credentials as a leader in using botanic origin led fabrics.


The Modal fabric is famed for its retention of colour whilst at the same time being exquisitely soft on the skin which can only enhance the overall comfort of the Cheekfrills knicker. And the Modal fibres being biodegradable - they use 95% less water than cotton in the production process and can be put in the compost when finished with - means you are making the right choice in helping to save our planet.

We've neutralised our shipping emissions

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Pachama and Shopify's Offset to neutralise our shipping emissions. By supporting Pachama's sustainable initiatives, we are able to counteract the environmental impact of our shipping by planting trees as part of the Jari Pará conservation project in Brazil.


Offset is able to calculate the total emissions generated by our orders and contribute the equivalent towards protecting and planting new forests and monitoring these accordingly. They help contribute towards 7 SDGs (sustainable development goals) along the way too!


This represents yet another advantage to purchasing out knickers (alongside our already sustainable Tencel fabric) and lets you know you are playing your part in helping the environment starting from the bottom up!

In a nutshell ...

Cheekfrills has managed to stay true to its original values of being


Gentle on the planet


Soft on the skin


We continue to offer high quality sustainable yet beautiful underwear with an added bit of playfulness in forever evolving prints and designs. 

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