Cheekfrills began its life as The Original most comfortable and sustainable knicker,  and in making our knickers we have a conscious carbon footprint at the forefront of our ethos. 

We strive to offer high quality sustainable yet beautiful underwear and loungewear with an added bit of playfulness in forever evolving prints and designs.

Sustainablility is at the heart of what we do.   That's why we use Lenzing Tencel Modal -  a fabric made from beechwood trees which is not only biodegradable but uses less 95% less water during its manufacturing process cotton. 

Our Modal fabric is known for its retention of colour whilst at the same time being exquisitely soft on the skin, creating the ultimate most comfortable knicker in the world!  

But our sustainable mission doesn't stop with our products....


We've neutralised our shipping emissions too !  We are partnered with Pachama and Shopify's Offset to neutralise our shipping emissions.  These sustainable initiatives allow us to counteract the environmental impact of shipping our goods to you by planting trees as part of the Jari Para conservation project in Brazil.   We are able to calculate the total emissions generated by our orders and contribute the equivalent towards protecting and planting new forests and monitoring these accordingly. These contribute towards 7 different sustainable development goals along the way.


We really believe in playing our part in protecting our planet from the bottom up! 



Gentle on the planet


Soft on the skin