It’s getting to that time of year again, yes you know what i’m talking about, the day that all singletons have been anticipating with dread since… hmm about this timeshutterstock_125703137 last year actually!  Or if you are blissfully happy in one sort of relationship or another it will be awaited with excitement and delight!

So in search of some lurve inspiration I did a quick Google of ‘Valentine date ideas’ and these are just a few things that popped up on my screen…

shutterstock_125703137Have a picnic… Wait, what?! I’m just gunna jump in right now. I don’t think whoever suggested this wise idea remembered that Valentine’s Day is in FEBRUARY. Great start Google, great start.

Have a glam night out – Make a reservation at a smart, ever-so-slightly over your budget restaurant and pretend like you go to these kind of places all the time darling (that means plucking those brows ladies and maybe putting on a dress…?)shutterstock_125703137

Get away for a romantic weekend… Wherever you decide to go, be sure that it’s a place where you can get away from your everyday routine to make it that bit more special and exciting.

24 hours of chocolate – Plain and simple: Chocolate is to Valentine’s Day what Roger Moore is to James Bond — the star of the show. There is absolutely no point to Valentine’s Day, single or taken, without some chocolate. Agreed?

Stay at home – Just do nothing. You don’t need to leave the house to make Valentine’s Day special. When you have netflix, takeaway and a cuddle buddy, what else could you possibly want?!

Get a room – Qushutterstock_125703137ite literally, there will be more than enough loved up couples roaming the streets on V-day, don’t follow the crowd – book a room at a nice hotel and just enjoy the rose petals, room service and free shampoo.

Go to the cinema. 50 SHADES OF GREY, wait what? Who said that….. #justsaying.

Get Physical – Hmm not that kind of physical (not yet anyway… eh eh) do something to get your heart racing, whether it be ice skating, going for a bike ride or jumping into a ball pit, who knows! The world is your oyster.

Re-enact your first date – Bring back those fond memories when you actually made an effort to dress up and impress each other before that ‘I love you therefore I shall leave the door open when I pee’ stage.

Vamp it up! Oh yes, that means getting some new LINGERIE, and we are here to help on that account – if you hadn’t noticed already we are very into all things hearts, so we have plenty of cute sets which fits the Valentines theme just perfectly. Prance around in our uber cute candy heart bralet and knicker set and you will have him wrapped around your little finger… take a look HEREshutterstock_125703137

Whatever your plans, make sure cheekfrills is a part of it. Sending all our love,The cheekfrills girls